The driver from Aguascalientes, Rogelio López, finished in fifth place the fourth scoring date of the NASCAR Mexico Series 2022, which was run at the Guadalajara International Trióvalo, before a full in its stands.

The steering wheel of the car marked with the number 6 closed the competition brilliantly, after starting from 13th place overall and seventh in its category.

 “We had doubts with the engine over the weekend, being in such a close position in the championship, although there are many dates to go, we cannot risk investigating whether the engine is good or not, we must seek to have a constant car that finishes ahead ”, pointed out Roger.

 "It is the strategy that must be played and the competitions that we have clearer to go out and win them," stressed the experienced midfielder, who clocked 30.788 seconds in his best lap of 140 that he gave to the Guadalajara track of 1,350 kilometers in length.

 In this sense, López III highlighted that at the end of the test he recovered positions that allowed him to achieve a Top Five and maintain an advantage over his pursuers in the drivers' championship.


 "We are approaching the end so that they will not catch up with us in the points, we continue forward, although with a smaller difference, they are forcing us to work twice as hard," said the man from Aguascalientes.


 For his part, David Tame, director of the Alpha Racing team, highlighted the fifth place obtained by Rogelio in the Trióvalo Guadalajara after suffering problems with the power source of his car.


 “I work very well, we had problems with the engine, we had to change it, that took us a little time to finish making the adjustments that we thought were convenient, after qualifying we decided to make some adjustments for the race that worked”, highlighted the businessman. “Although we experienced tail on the car during the race, we were able to repair it during the competition yellow flag, the car was better balanced and that is why we reached fifth place, however, we did not have the speed that we should have had all on the weekend, you have to keep working hard”, considered Tame.