AMOZOC, Puebla (June 29, 2022) – Memo Rojas Sr. had a complicated weekend during the third date of the Formula Ford Vintage, which took place on the 2.93 km circuit of the Miguel E. Abed International Circuit (AIMA).

 “On Friday we had practice and it was the first time I drove at AIMA, it's a very complicated track, I never imagined it. We recorded laps with the GoPro camera to analyze them and my son Memo (Rojas) accompanied me; he made me some suggestions and thus we identified some opportunities. The most curious thing about all this is that my son had not run there either," said Rojas Sr.

 “And by Saturday, we dedicated ourselves to getting to know the track and my son's feedback was very important in trying to understand the track, because all weekend I was improving, although we had a little problem with the gas supply that we didn't It allowed us to train as we would have wanted. However, we managed to try some things to improve for the next day”, added the RR (Rojas Racing) team rider, who qualified in sixth place in his category.

 The first competition started, but then the officials decided to stop it and make a second start and the Kemm Clinic driver continued: “Already in the race, around lap 9 there was a mistake and I went to the pits because I thought that with the extra laps from the first start, maybe I was running low on fuel. When checking the car, we saw that it still had about 6 liters of gasoline, which was more than enough (to finish the race), so the carburetor, switches, etc. were checked.”

 “All corrective measures were taken, but we couldn't test the car anymore because the next race was coming up. I was very optimistic because I improved considerably in the first competition, there I dropped 4 seconds from my best time”, he assured.

 “So, the second race started with a very cloudy sky, it was about to rain and I had the intermittent fuel supply failure again on the first lap, it seemed that I was going to be stuck on the track and I preferred to go to the pits ”, assured Memo Rojas Sr., who was in P5 in the results of the first race and in the second, there was heavy rain and the joust was suspended after four disputed laps.

 “It is not that the car is not competitive, it was the result of a driver who did not know the track, who did not have much time to identify the opportunities and on top of that he had a couple of failures, which was the most unfortunate”, the driver concluded. Mexican, who Rojas Sr. is positive with a view to the next date of the Formula Ford Vintage, which will be held on August 20-21 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City.