Charlotte, North Carolina, July 2, 2022.- With great enthusiasm and at the hands of his coach manager, the top winner of Nascar-type races in Mexico, the hydro-warm Rogelio López, Eloy López is already in Charlotte to face a new challenge in his career, #eloy veloz will be at the Summer Shootout aboard a Legends category car.

 “I have had the opportunity to come to the United States with Rogelio López to start preparing as soon as possible. I am happy to share with you that we will be at the Summer Shootout fighting and demonstrating in the Legends category along with other talents that will make me grow, learn and mature more in my career. It is the objective, it is a car with a Yamaha engine, with sequential transmission and semi-rigid tires. slicks.

 Thanks to all my sponsors  Tiger Racing - Gates/Barmicil/Motul/Escudería Telmex/Cap/Oc Fitness for the drive and confidence they have given me to have these opportunities. Thank you family, friends and all of you for always leaving those messages and good vibes, especially Rogelio Lopez for all his encouragement. Let's go with everything! “Eloy López emphasized.

 Eloy will be in the process of adapting these days to join the car, as well as practices and qualifying to be ready for the competition on Tuesday.